Pariah CrossFit is a community of men and women of all ages who enjoy health and wellness as well as reaching new levels of fitness. We train businessmen, high school football players, mothers of 3, cancer survivors, MARSOC Marines, and people just like you. Although you may not believe this of yourself, we here at Pariah CrossFit consider each member an athlete in their own nature; an individual who places their fitness as a priority and dedicates time an effort into elevating their fitness levels.  The community here at Pariah CrossFit is none other than amazing, with each individual offering their own unique energy and inspiration.

We are not your average gym; we are not your average CrossFit. We do not care about perceived notions, or what is popular. We do what is right, and we do it with the purest of intentions. We do not care about aesthetics because real fitness and real growth come from within. We promise you nothing but honest, fun, hard-work.